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Welcome to ‘Pett Farm Pooch Paddock’: a safe space for your pooch to walk, train and have fun!


This is not just a field, we are building a WhatsApp community where like-minded dog lovers can keep up-to-date and communicate with each other. For example, if you have just one friendly dog and he/she loves meeting other friendly dogs, you could arrange with another member to meet and split the cost, saving you money and having two happy pooches.


Pooch Paddock is an old two-acre cherry orchard in a quiet and peaceful location, just 1 mile from Junction 5 of the M2. It is fully enclosed and secured with fencing around the entire perimeter. Not only does it have fantastic views of the North Downs, but it is also on a slight incline – making it great for drainage and therefore avoiding gathering too much mud.


It is the perfect place to let your dog enjoy a number of rustic wooden agility apparatus, either to aid their training or just for fun. If needed, there is water on-site, and (WILL BE) a shelter is provided to protect from the elements. There is also free, off-road parking available. 


Time slots will depend on daylight hours.


Secure your slot by clicking “BOOK ONLINE”

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