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Oak on the Green Bearsted  06th June 2023   £5.45

Poured too quick (95 seconds)  tilted for a second then stood on its base. Welcome would have been ok with a smile.

Bishop's collar was a little thin but the dome ok. The taste was not too bad but not the creamy taste we are looking for.


White Horse Bearsted 06/06/2023   £5.25

Welcome ok but Guinness poured way too quickly (79 seconds) resulting in a thin Bishop's collar and no dome. Despite all that the taste was ok.


Rose Inn Bearsted 06/06/2023  £5.20

Welcome ok,  Poured way too quickly (101 seconds) resulting in a thin Bishops collar and no dome.  Taste was average  Nice Indian food

No after pic as too busy with the Indian


Old House at Home Queenborough  13/June 2023  £4.30

Nice welcome with a not too bad Bishops Collar and dome. Taste was quite creamy and quite a good foam. 


Flying Dutchman Queenborough 13 June 2023  £4.30

Welcome was OK  Pour was 152 seconds The bishops collar was a little thin but dome ok.  Taste test not too bad. not creamy but drinkable, nice seafood.  


Rose Inn Queenborough  13 June 2023  £4.50

Welcome OK Poured in 155  bishop's collar way too thin but dome not too bad.

Taste test, not a good pint, little watery and little foam, 


Player Minster 13 June 20233  £5.05

Welcome average.  Guinness poured way too quick (99 seconds) Resultig in a thin bishops collar and a not too bad dome. 

Taste test not very nice.


 Harps Inn Minster  13 June 2023  £4.80

Welcome average.  No tilt on the glass and poured in 73 seconds resulting in a poor bishops collar and a flat bubbly dome. 

Taste test not brilliant,  a little bitter.


Red Lion Lenham 4/07/2023

Welcome very good and dog friendly

Although the Guinness was poured in 125 seconds it took four top-ups but it didn't spoil the pint, The bishops collar was almost there and the pint was quite nice, 

Foam was quite good at the end too, with a price £5.50


Who'd a Thought it.  4 July 2023  £5.40

Welcome was average

But, Sacrilege, Guinness in a Harvey's glass!! that's not good

May be a posh bar but lessons in pouring a Guinness wouldn't go amiss.

Poured in just 62 seconds but surprise the bishops collar settle OK and the dome was nearly there. 

End result not brilliant, a little watery and not a lot of residue cling. 


Kings Head Crafty Green  4 July 2023  £5.80

Great welcome from Landlord Ken, 

Guinness poured in 114 Seconds resulting in a nearly perfect Bishop's collar and a nice dome.

Unfortunately it went a little watery at the end and not a lot of residue left on the inside of the glass.  However a nice friendly local pub.


The Pepper Box Inn Fairbourne  4 July 2023  £5.60

Friendly welcome but Guinness poured in 80 seconds resulting in a flat dome   but a close bishops collar.

Taste test surprisingly was quite good, close to creamy but not quite there, end residue was good.


George Inn Leeds  4 July 2023  £5.30

Welcome okayish,  Guinness was poured too quickly (86) seconds resulting in a poor bishops collar and a motley dome.

Taste test unfortunately it was not a very nice pint and ended up a little watery.


Richard Cobden Irish Pub Luton  11 July 2023  £4.80

Welcome great and friendly but very loud music which isn't a problem if you like it but did have a little Irish feel about it.

To be honest I was hoping for the perfect pint as this was the first Irish pub visited but, it was not to be. Poured in 98 seconds and running down the side of the glass. Despite this the bishops collar and dome were not bad, however it failed on the taste test and ended up a little watery and not a lot of residue at the end.


The Alexandra Chatham  11 July 2023  £4.20

Great friendly welcome from the landlord and bar staff.

Poured in 122 seconds which is very close to the perfect pour of 119.5 seconds.

The result was a nice bishops collar and dome. 

The taste test was one of the nicer pints experienced, unfortunately the residue was a little thin but my guess it was the glass that needed refurbishing. 


The Star Gillingham  11 July 2023  £4.10

Welcome was very basic when we eventually got served.

This was the quickest pint ever at 34 seconds!!! surprisingly the bishops collar was not too bad but a flat dome.

Considering how quickly it was poured the taste was not too bad but did go a little watery at the end and the residue didn't cling to the glass.


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