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Romanian Dog Rescue

As the Pooch Paddock has been a success, we decided to give a little back by supporting “Pooches Promise”, a non-profit organisation dedicated to the rescue of Romanian dogs.

Yes, I hear you say “Why Romanian dogs? Are there not enough dogs to rescue in the UK?”

These were my thoughts also until I stopped and thought about it and concluded that all dogs in need should be rescued, no matter where they are. Also, any dog in need in the UK will find help even if in a rescue center for a while.

We have included a donation option on our booking page if you would like to help.

Please click the picture above for their Facebook page

And our first ever client Julia and Zena on a rainy day that didn't dampen their enthusiasm.  


Our very first client

Had a trial run today and I think the three dogs approved it.

Izzy supervising

Izzy disgussing the new venture in our local

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