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I’ve never known a better run dog field than this one.

After leaving early as both dogs have been a bit under the weather for a couple of days and not their usual selves, Terry messaged to ask me if everything was ok.

Sometimes it’s the personal touches that make a big difference.

Thank you Terry for caring.

Buddy and Millie will be back soon

Tracy (Facebook)

Totally agree Terry rang me one time when I was up there late afternoon saying  there was nobody booked after me so don’t rush how lovely and in such a lovely setting .

I’ve told loads of my doggy friends about it

Jackie Branchett  (Facebook)


I’ve tried lots of diff private fields for walking the pooches and this morning I tried another just for a bit of a change of scenery/smells as it is a little closer to home
Pooch Paddock is BY FAR the BEST!!!!! 
I won’t be a traitor again! 
Pooch paddock really is the best ❤️

Gilliane Armstrong  (Google)

Reply by Sarah Murphy on WhatsApp

Totally agree with you Gillaine. I wouldn’t go anywhere else now x


Absolutely wonderful, I'm so glad it was recommended to us! Safe field for our Luna to run full speed, play, use agility equipment and watch the horses in the next paddock. Its safe and contained. Has poo bags, water and place to wash the mud off on rainy days and so reasonably priced. Honestly a god send and the owner is so lovely too! xxx

Terri Ann Short (Google)


Hi Terry, I'm not needing to use the paddock at the moment because Bozley doesn't fall into the bully ban, however I really appreciate the support you gave and are still giving to all the poor guys that it does affect, so each pay day I will be donating a bit to the pooch promise as I want to continue to help somehow. I really enjoy reading and chatting on your WhatsApp group even though I've never met anyone in person. I would love to still use the paddock when the weather warms up and maybe book it out for a couple of hours, to have a friends come with me and bring a picnic, my friend that was with me the day we met you does love to do some agility with her Spaniels so to bring the doggies for that would be perfect. Anyway, hope that's OK with you and you are keeping well. Take care and catch up soon Kelly 😁xx


Booked this for our cockapoo rescue to check her recall off lead . We loved it as its gorgeous safe location with car park and lots to amuse dogs . Will definitely be going back to use it again as it's such a joy to have such a huge space to safely play with our dog . Everything has been thought of as fresh water and loo available. Thank you for creating such a reasonably priced safe fun doggie space

Jane Dent (Google)

Terry was lovley to meet you and Izzy today.  Little one is now passed out having ran her little heart out around the field… all the fun agility stuff and it was a stick that was her highlight!! Will definitely be recommending to family down here what a great set-up you have- just wished we stayed closer.

Victoria Duncan  (WhatsApp)

We are so lucky to have this paddock, thank you @Terry . We are always amazed by the new additions to the field. Ours enjoyed exploring the sandpit tonight

Anne-Marie  (WhatsApp)

Had so much fun today, Rory got very excited as we pulled in! He chased the ball for ages. Field was nice and clean and as a woman off a certain age, I'm very grateful for the loo. 😊

Kevin Coville  (WhatsApp)

Fabulous visit this morning, Aruna loved her first time here. Have already booked again. Thank you for this lovely little area ❤️

Chrissy Viggers


We had a lovely first time at the field today!

We will definitely be back!

Charlie Whitehead  (Facebook)

Sitting in the convenient little shelter whilst it tips down with rain seems like a good time to write a short review of Pett Farm Pooch Paddock.

In short, it’s great. Nicely laid out with space for a good run, plenty of obstacles for the more dynamic dog and lots of sniffs for those with their noses forever in the dirt.

Convenient water points, bins and even poo bags clipped to the fence that secures the site.

This is our first time visiting and I had a minor panic that Luca was going to slip under the gate to the horse fields but on closer inspection, the wire goes all the way down to the ground. Phew!

There a couple of picnic tables dotted around which would make for a nice family trip out…if it ever stops raining. For the small bladdered amongst us, the portaloo is handy!

£9 for 55 mins with £1 going to dog rescue feels like good value.

Pett Farm Pooch Paddock is very ery much recommended.

Adrian Coleman (Facebook)

Fab first visit this morning with me and my daughters dogs.

They loved it and will definitely be coming back.

Field was clean and lots for the dogs to do.Would highly recommend if you want a place to take the dogs where they can run free and safe at all times

Karen Burch  (Facebook)


meant to message and say what an absolutely fantastic paddock, best one I've ever been to. It's a joy for the humans let alone the dogs! Unfortunately it was raining both days we were there but that didn't dampen their spirits! The little one loved it and I could hardly get a photo of the boy as he was running so fast enjoy himself! Really is a gem, thank you xxx

Gina Cowley  (WhatsApp)

Bloody marvellous time had at the paddock today! I had to manhandle all 25kg of Nellie out the field and Into the car, she didn’t want to leave 😂 lucky for us the weather was lovely too! Thanks again for putting this all together for us to use x

Jamie Clements  (WhatsApp)

Husky proof field with stunning views. 

My dogs enjoyed socialising with horses and pony's through the fence

Vafa Whatford (Facebook)

Hello. Thanks for the add. First time at the paddock with my two, and I have to say how impressed we are with it.
We have a few other fields we take our doggies to, but this is my favourite so far. It's really well laid out and looked after..... love the agility stuff and the facilities are great.

And better still...after all this's not a quagmire!! 
Will be back again soon.
Julia, Andy, Bailey Da Wolf, and Steph....our very own Romanian Rescue. X

Julia Moore  (WhatsApp)

We had a lovely visit to the paddock yesterday (our first). It was a successful trial run for my mum to bring my 3 nutty wockers when we go away in April. You have made it really lovely Terry and it is a great safe place for all the doggy visitors and means they get a good exercise without mum having to walk miles!

Nikki Bentley  (Facebnook)

An absolutely fantastic place for dogs and owners. So much for the dogs to do and play with. Will definitely be back as the dogs didn't want to leave.

Victoria Hare  (Google)

First visit today and I'm not sure who had more fun the dogs or my daughter. I have a cocker that is absolutely awful with her recall but is equally a pain to walk on the lead so it was lovely to see her free... maybe we can work on that recall with the space being so safe. For now I'm going to enjoy a peaceful afternoon as she's well and truly worn out (that's the daughter and both dogs)

Tisa Walker  (Facebook)

Best field around - our boys love coming here & Terry is great

Hayley Notarangelo  (Google)

We have taken our 11 year old GSD xHusky to a number of secure fields since adopting her a year ago- this is by far our favourite field as well as our girls! Easy to find and owners incredibly helpful.

Louise Muddiman  (Google)

Our half term week of using Pett Farm Pooch Paddock has come to an end but we’ve had an amazing week. My dog is very reactive atm to cars and some other dogs. There is a private gym on the farm next door, so there a few cars going by at times (not all day), BUT this provided the perfect opportunity to train in a safe environment. There are also horses who have very calm temperaments even with my reactive dog. But again, perfect training environment to teach your dog to not react. The field also has lots to do and there’s shelter for those really rainy days. We will def be back but thank you for providing such a wonderful, safe space to help me with his reactivity. 

Clare Jane  (Facebook

This is a lovely field, the best one I have found. Very clean, activities for the doggies, poo bags to use and shelter if its raining. Good parking facilities too. Would definitely recommend.

Kelly Dallas  (Google)


My dogs absolutely loved it here! It’s easy to find, In a beautiful setting and the dogs had a great time running around, sniffing and exploring! Came home and booked two more slots straight away!

Steph Beere  (Google)


It was so lovely being able to let Bella off of the lead today at the Pooch Paddock. She is intolerant of strange dogs in her old age, and being an English Bull Terrier with her being so unpredictable, it’s too much of a worry to let her off the lead. It was great seeing her running around with our Schnauzer Wallace.

Rebbeca Billen  (Facebook)

We had the best time on our first visit today!

Such a wonderful field, we were very impressed and surprised how much better it is than our usual field!! Two happy dogs and a tired toddler!

Anne-Marie Blakey  (Facebook)

Amazing place for dogs !! Well prepared.. Good parking.. everything superb!

Karol Gorski  (Google)

Really easy to book. Lovely place with lots of toys and equipment for the pups. 🐶 💕

Kylie Dunleavy  (Google)

This place is a safe secure environment for my naughty, lack of recall puppy of 1 year. We have been going here a couple of months now and book in whenever I get the chance. The owners make sure the field is kept presentable and clean, aswell as the other dog walkers. I am so impressed with this place and it will continue to be my go to place with my boy, Buddy. Thank you for making this safe haven for our furry babies

Picnic area: In the better weather, you can enjoy a picnic with your family and enjoy the treat as much as your pooch. The surroundings are beautiful.

Louise Barnes  (Google)

Our dogs love it here. It’s very well thought out with the car park being secure so it’s easy getting the dogs in and out of the car. The field is also secure, with agility courses and plenty of room for the dogs to run. There are bins, poo bags, water taps and toys provided and it’s easy to book online via their website.

Laura  (Google)


Dog-friendliness: Amazing place nicest one I've ever been to so clean tidy organised and the owners are truly lovely people. All facilities are great clean and new. Parking is a breeze and security too.

Amanda Lavery  (Google)


Our boy had a brilliant time in the field yesterday running around and chasing his tennis balls, it's such a great place and I would definitely recommend it, thank you!

Marina  (Google)


Just wanted to take a moment to say thanks. I love how much you invest in the field and it’s always a pleasure to come. Jo x


My dogs absolutely loved it here! It’s easy to find, In a beautiful setting and the dogs had a great time running around, sniffing and exploring! Came home and booked two more slots straight away!  Steph Beere  (Google)


We absolutely loved our time in the field. The dogs were so happy. It's so much bigger then I thought it would be and very secure. So glad I've found it!

Laura Chambers  (Google)


Dizzy and I had a lovely time today. Our first visit but definitely not our last. Can’t usually let her off lead because she has NO recall at all and being a Lurcher just takes off at a speed I have no chance of keeping up with. Seeing her running around today and doing her own thing knowing she was safe was great. The Paddock is clean with fresh water, poo bins and more importantly interesting trees and obstacles to investigate. Thank you!

Barbara Goldsmith  (Google)


A great place. Full of toys?

Dog agility equipment.

Even has a picnic table, so you can have a family gathering whilst poochy runs around.

Even has a rain shelter.

Bored Muzza  (Google)


Perfect playground for your pup. First visit today and absolutely loved it. Huge, fully secure paddock in a beautiful setting. lots of agility equipment, fresh water, poo bags, bin and some toys. A picnic bench for better weather and shelter with seating if you need to escape the rain.

Chelle Tobin (Google)

Our first time to the paddock. What an amazing place,

Nikita  (Facebook)

New to the feild yesterday and the girls having a run after checking out all the new smells. I have to say this is one of the nicest fields we have been to and will most certainly be coming again. Our new happy place 

Zoe Davey  

Pett Farm Pooch Paddock is a great secure field to go with your fur kids! It’s got lots to do, plenty of drinking water access and parking too. There’s even complimentary poo bags. We’ve enjoyed taking our 4 dogs to help with recall training and general out and about experience which we may not normally be able to do.

Abby Mclaren  (Google)

Highly recommended, my dogs have such a great time running around. The freedom of not being on a lead but in a safe and secure environment. This place is just great.

Lisa Doran  (Google)

I’ve tried many fields out with this boy, Sniper. (I borrow him!) and this is best field by far, won’t go anywhere else!

Jo White  (Google)

Amazing pup date! My dotty (lab) and jax (malamute) loved meeting up with their best friends willow and Teddy to play and play some more. Wonderful field - we think it's the best we've been too and we do pup dates on the regular. Highly recommend 👌 👍 🐶🐺
Loads of agility equipment which was super fun. Very safe and secure. Picnic bench for the hoomans. They seem to have thought of everything needed for a great field.

Charmaine Goodwin (Google)

Lovely clean, safe, secure field! Our 3 dogs had a lovely time thundering around and then eventually slowing down for sniffs!


Fiona Martin (Google)

Jessie and Bella enjoyed their run, first time we’ve been able to let Jess ( brindle) off lead, we’ve only had her 6 weeks, both snoring now.

Theresa Brown   (Facebook)

Our first visit yesterday and as promised some photos. What a lovely dog field and our Vizsla Erno had a great time. We will definitely be back soon


Oliver Burke  (WhatsApp)

Lovely, safe and fun area to exercise dogs. Fab equipment and everything thought of, we'll definitely be back!

Hannah Nash  (Google)

Amazing pup date! My dotty (lab) and jax (malamute) loved meeting up with their best friends willow and Teddy to play and play some more. Wonderful field - we think it's the best we've been too and we do pup dates on the regular.

Highly recommend. 


Char Goodwin  (Facebook)

First time at the paddock with our rescue German Shepherd. We had such a great time. The paddock is great, lots for our dog to explore and to do. He loved it and so did we. We will definitely be back 😊

Lisa Hart  (WhatsApp)

I have got to say the paddock has exceeded all my expectations. My nine month old energetic puppy and 4 year old son are both worn out 🤣🙄😂

Louise Barwick (WhatsApp)


Just got home from the Paddock. What a great place for the dogs. Jango , Beti and Panda had a great time. Little Panda looked very hard for an escape route but couldn't find one lol! We'll definitely be back

Ann-Marie Philpott  (Facebook)

Myla had a great time for her birthday visiting the paddock!

We will definitely be back. Thank you!

Steph Palmer  (WhatsApp)

Little DJ loved his first morning at the paddock. What a fantastic little gem for our fur babies to run free. Will definitely spread the word to friends 


(Michelle Rhodes Facebook)

I just wanted to say what a lovely morning, the girls enjoyed it at the field and so did my friend with her sausage, I would just like to say sorry if my youngest barked to much she was so excited. Will definitely be booking again if your have us . x 

Tracy Pendry (WhatsApp & Facebook

Hi! I'm new to this group. I recently joined because I have 2 Romanian rescues and took them to the paddock for the first time today.

They loved it. We will be back soon

Tracy Besant (Facebook)

Took our HUGE dogs today for the first time today and they loved it!! Absolutely lovely space and will definitely be booking again soon!!  Eloise  (WhatsApp)

First time at the paddock and we all loved it

Everything is so well thought out, the hanging poo bags around the paddock, water bowls with fresh water, and picnic benches. This is definitely now our new place to come.

Thank you so much for having us

Lexi, Toby, and Millie say thank you too.

Leanne Collins  (Facebook)

Happy chappies in the Pett Farm Pooch Paddock

Even with a soaking still my favourite place.

Shaz Brown (Facebook)

No more getting wet

Thank you terry, Dougie loved his first visit. We will be back that’s for sure x

Emma Grant (Facebook)

Great first experience. Ideal for when we look after our son's dog, whom we daren't let off the lead except in enclosed spaces. He was able to have a really good run around and enjoyed sailing over the jumps! Good to have water and poo bin available. I didn't see poo bags provided, which I know some similar places do (but maybe they charge more!).  Gill Rapley (Google)


Thanks for the feedback, Gill.  There are poo bag holders clipped to the fence in five places around the field.  Plus two by the car park   Terry. 


Daisy's second visit today. The field is great for teaching her re-call, she absolutely loves the freedom of being off the lead. Already booked for our next visit. Thank you

Samantha Coppins (WhatsApp)☺️

We had a lovely morning at the paddock it’s perfect for us Thank you so much my fur babies will sleep well tonight. Most definitely taking a picnic next time so love and peaceful. Thank you Terry

Zoe Murphy.  (FB Review)

A fantastic safe space for your furbabies to run free. Very secure fenced in old cherry tree paddock, trees, shade, agility equipment to play on, water available on Site, secure closed in car park area. Picnic bench for the hoomans and fabulous views to enjoy this peaceful beautiful spot while you enjoy watching your dogs enjoy their freedom to explore in safety. A lovely welcome from Terry, the owner and his beautiful spaniel Izzy if your lucky enough to meet them. Very reasonable hourly rate too. Well worth a visit😃

Dog-friendliness: A fabulous safe space to allow your dog off lead to allow them to explore and run free.  Sharon Brown.  (Google Review)

Zena and I visited the paddock today and despite the rain, she had a fantastic time. It’s a really nice-sized field with lots for her to explore, trees for shade, agility equipment, water and for the humans a picnic bench and amazing views. Terry has put together a great safe space for dogs to enjoy and play in, we will definitely be back.

Julia Longhurst.  (Google review) 

First time today. What a lovely place with stunning views, Cooper and Shep loved running free.

Claire Cook.

1st time visit for Snack today, & 1st time he's been off lead since major surgery 3 weeks ago. What a great place! Can't wait till he's fit enough to do all the agility stuff, we did the dog walk but didn't want to push our luck! Definitely the best in the area. 

Sarah Phillips

First time in the field today for Topic (the setter type) and Lola (the border collie). They throughly enjoyed themselves.

Topic was extra impressed that this field came with optional doggie playmate, ‘Izzy’!! … Topic and Izzy are now best of buddies, and Lola was happy to lie in the shade and watch the youngsters play

Thank you Terry, we will definitely be booking again.  Caz Smith.

Just been to the paddock x what a great place ilka and Hendrix loved it , will definitely be going again soon x

2nd review

Lovely afternoon x in a great place with dogs and grandchildren x all worn out now x win win.

Jackie Branchett.

We had our first visit today and thoroughly enjoyed the paddock, such a beautiful quiet setting!  Kristy Turner.

Visited today I have a dog that is traffic reactive and every field I’ve hired has been next to a busy road, Pett Farm Pooch Paddock is very quiet, in our hour visit only 1 car went by. It’s a lovely size with high fencing all round, there are taps and bowls all around for fresh water. Will definitely be using on a regular basis highly recommended. 


Karen Castle  (Google review)


Visited this new dog walking paddock with my three greyhounds today and they had a great time, loads of old cherry trees for them to explore and investigate, a few dog jumps and raised stepps for dog agility but if you know greyhounds they don't do "exercise"..
Spoke to the owner about a shelter which is coming soon, he hadn't planned on the wettest summer on record!!!
Highly recommend and great value for a one hour booking.
We will be back. 

Adrian Black (Google review)

Lovely first visit to the Paddock this morning. Frankie and Libby loved it. Will definitely be back.  Jane Higgs

Bear had a lovely time at the field nice space for a training session and then for him to have a run around after. Beautiful views and some great agility equipment!

Chelsea Whitmore

Rolo had a great time at the paddock today thank you Great place for dogs who are nervous of strangers! 

Sharna Bennett

Went for a first time last night and what an amazing place my springer absolutely loved it, he even wore himself out! the views were lovely and it was so peaceful will definitely be using again.  Kylie Best  (Google review)

The best dog walking field in the area by far! Lovely location, great equipment & very secure. Everything you need is there. 

Sarah Phillips  (Google review)

Teddy and Cody had a great time today. What a great space for the doggos to run around safely. We will definitely be back!

Maria Becker. 

Lovely to meet you and try out the field today. Jack loved his time with the jumps. 

Kaz Redpath

Just come back from my first visit to the paddock, and what a beautiful spot, lovely views across the fields; peaceful and a wonderfully secure space for my boy to explore Also meeting a new friend izzy the resident beauty ( the most adorable spaniel!) with her dad the owner of the paddock. A lovely welcome to my new favourite safe space thank you x   Shaz Brown.

First day out at Pett Farm Pooch Paddock for puppy Fawkes, a very energetic Dalmation

He ran around,checking out all four corners and had a great time.

He loved the shade,as that was alot of running around for a baby

Thank you Pett Farm Pooch Paddock. 

Sara Fenton. 

First visit today and will definitely return. One of the best field. Full of sniffs. Great facilities and a personal welcome. Highly recommend

Gav, Gwen and Rudi can’t wait to go back.

Nicola Philip

Harry enjoyed his first visit to the Paddock today, lots of sniffs and some jumping fun! Thanks Terry

Michelle Wicks

It was our first visit yesterday and our dog loved it! We couldn't believe how beautiful this field is. Full access to water is something most fields don't provide so thanks a lot! Terry is also very welcoming and friendly We ll definitely be back soon. 

Paula Kos.

Pooch Paddock reviews

Our first visit today and the dogs loved it. Thank you for setting up another field in Kent. We rely on dog fields to let our rescue pup of the lead. We will be booking again. 

Sabrina Nosredna

Benson had the most amazing time today

Thankyou Terry Davis for all your hard work putting this lovely field together for us to enjoy freedom with our dogs.

For anyone thinking of booking, it’s a beautiful field stunning views and so peaceful. 

Kaz Castle

What a beautiful setting for a dog walking field. Highly recommended. Took my 3 dogs this morning- great facility. Plenty water and dog bins etc. the agility activities are great too.

Even met the owner.

Will defo be back.

Thank you.

Chislaine Colston.

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