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Peter Pan is a small size boy, around 2 years of age and is super sweet. This boy has been brought to the shelter, together with another small girl after their owner passed away. PP was so sad in the beginning and he has now started coming out of his shell and he is showing his gentle and loving nature. 
Peter Pan is looking for a loving and calm home where he can get his confidence back and get the love and attention that he deserves.
if you would like to offer a home to this gorgeous boy, please contact our Page or email


Little Tracker, is 4 months old and looking to be loved, can you love him?

A name could not be more appropriate for this young, fluffy and very happy little girl. Bubbles is going to turn 1 in April 2023. This girl had a home where she grew up. Unfortunately her owner is unwell and is not able to look after Bubbles anymore. Bubbles has mainly lived in the garden so she does need to learn life in a home from scratch but she is a very confident , excitable, playful and affectionate young girl and we are sure she will learn with a little patience.

If you would like to offer a home to this lovely girl, please contact our Page or email



All the following dogs are also looking for their forever home.

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