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CL Canine Solutions


My name is Courteney, and I founded Kent-based CL Canine Solutions in November 2021. I am a Gun Dog Trainer and Canine Behaviouralist offering one-to-one and group training sessions, as well as training weekends from my own secure premises, with a purpose-built water complex, and a variety of terrains and training areas. 


I have many years experience working with the majority of dog breeds ranging from Ridgebacks to cocker spaniels, and offer bespoke sessions for working dogs and pet dogs, alike, which will focus in on your dog's needs using breed specific techniques and stimulation. I provide gun dog sessions to prepare you and your dog for working on a shoot, working tests  or simply to exercise and stimulate your dog and give them enjoyment and a purpose.

 I am a balanced Canine Trainer and proud to be certified by Robert Alleyne with a diploma in Positive Reinforcement And Minimally Aversive (PRAMA) balanced training techniques, a set of principles I use to ensure the best outcomes for you and your dog, no matter what situation or behaviour you and your dog are faced with.


Whatever classes or training you need, CL Canine Solutions is here to help you reach your goals.

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